Small Group Classes

In Shiloh’s Nursery we read Bible stories together and give your children an opportunity to learn, interact, and share with others.

Come walk along with us through Lifeway’s Bible Studies for Life curriculum in your child’s 1st Sunday School experience out of the Nursery. Here they will learn to study the Bible together with other children their age. 

First through third graders can learn and grow together as we study the Bible using Bible Studies for Life from Lifeway. 

Class time consists of various games, skits, and other activities to make certain “kids” are not bored with Bible Study! It’s our hope that every child in my class will trust Jesus as their Savior before going off to Middle School.

Class starts with fellowship and prayer.  Our goal is to work with the youth to develop Christian skills and expand their Bible knowledge.  There will be times for small group learning and larger group learning depending on the topics. 

A class open to young adults and adults young at heart. Our goal is to take Biblical teaching and apply it in practical ways to life and relationships today. Together, with God’s guidance and His Word, we strive to strengthen our faith and spread His Word to our families, friends, and communities.  Join us for laughter, love, God’s Word…and doughnuts.


This is a class of men and women from all walks of life who come together to study the Bible. We believe in the power of prayer and Bible Study.  This class is a place to share and connect with one another.  We put feet on our love and reach out to our community. Please join us and we promise you will feel loved. 

This is a class of men and women, couples or singles of all ages coming together to study God’s Word using different sources of curriculum or notes compiled by brother Mike Dunn.  We study with the intent of making life application to commands, examples and experiences given to us by the inspired Word of God.

Middled-aged couples (40+). We enjoy Bible Study, fellowship, topical discussions on current events, sharing prayer needs and praises.  We follow the Explore the Bible series from Lifeway. 

This class consists of couples and individual men and women ages 55+. We follow the Explore the Bible series from Lifeway.  Come join us as we discover God’s will for our lives.

Class for older ladies who love their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and desire to know Him better through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. 

Meeting in the sanctuary for Bible Study, prayer and fellowship.  Open to all adults.