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Preoccupied with Occupy?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 View Comments Comments (0)
What goes around, comes around.
Have you been paying attention to the 'Occupy Wall Street' phenomenon?  What began as an ostensibly spontaneous uprising of normal citizens protesting the excessive bonuses paid to high-level corporate executives has now become (in my mind) a dreary throwback to the sixties.  Ah, the sixties.  That was when college students along with people who pretended to be college students, dressed in tie-dye, bell bottoms and long hair marched, sang, chanted and sat-in school administration buildings, protesting everything from the war in Viet Nam to school dress codes to free pot.
Nowadays the protesters (I swear some of them are the same people) are protesting everything and nothing at the same time.  Whatever happened to the good old days when one could predict the theme of the protest?  The generation that whined about free love, free dope and free speech is now the generation that cries for free health insurance, free Viagra and free hearing aids.
But what really gets me is the veiled power behind the alleged protests.  Reports abound that many of the organizers and protesters are actually being paid by political power brokers.  These 'hippies for hire' are for most part out of work, under-employed or else just trying to pick up a few bucks before Christmas, but they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to inspirational protesting.
Occupy.  How different from the biblical mandate to be 'more than conquerors through him (Jesus) who loved us', Romans 8:37.  You see, one who occupies has little interest beyond just taking up space, like the kid in school who always got picked to hold your place in line on the playground while you went to get a drink of water.  Occupiers are bought, sold and traded to the highest bidder.  "Stand here, go there, say this, shout down that" is there directive.  And for what?  To disrupt our way of life?  To make political points for others?  To be obnoxious just to be obnoxious?
From a political perspective, I am closely watching to see who pulls the strings of these so-called new millenia flower children.  But from a spiritual perspective, I am all the more emboldened to be pro-active.  to become a conqueror.  There are real issues, real needs that need to be addressed now.  A lot of hungry people will go to be hungry, and no protest will feed them.  Children will suffer abuse and abandonment, yet no pothead sleeping in a North Face tent will intervene.  Smut and filth will continue to pollute the media, the internet and our culture.  I won't wait for some pinhead to occupy a slab of concrete to make the difference.
With God, we shall do valiantly.  It's time to conquer.

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